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Creative website design from £495

What kind of website design do you need?

A Brochure Site
Our SmallBusiness websites are modern, mobile-friendly, hassle free, feature rich and start at just £495! They are perfect for businesses who want a modern and budget-friendly website.

A Business Site
Our BusinessPro websites are unique WordPress websites, tailored to your specific needs. Designed for flexibility and growth, these modern websites will help ensure your success in any competitive market.

An Online Shop
Our eCommerce OnlineShopPro websites are built using the award winning WordPress CMS and leading industry eCommerce platform WooCommerce. Perfect for ease of use, reliability and scalability.

SmallBusiness – We Do It All For You Websites

Website Design
Choose SmallBusiness and we will take care of everything for you! It’s the quickest and easiest way to get your business, service or personal website up on the internet.

ALL IN £495!

SmallBusiness Details

How it works

Step 1. Tell us the website name you would like to have so we can register it for you.

Step 2. Tell us about the colours you’d like to use.

Step 3. Send us your text and images.

We will now build your website and upload it to the internet. Once we’ve launched your website you can start using it on your business cards, adverts, social media channels and wherever else you like. Easy!

Your unique website design

SmallBusiness websites feature your own unique content in one of our custom designs. We add your images and text and tweak the colour scheme to make your website design completely unique to you.

Each design is packed with these essential visitor and Google pleasing features:

  • Fast loading times for better search engine results.
  • Mobile responsive so it looks great on phones and PCs
  • A gallery to show off your products.
  • An email contact form for customers to get in touch.
  • FaceBook and Twitter links, so visitors can easily share your website.
  • Phone numbers so visitors can direct dial you from your mobile website.

Updates & Changes

We will make any updates and changes to your website whenever you like. This means you never have to worry about learning website code or how to update your website.

We charge our reduced SmallBusiness rate, in advance, for updates and changes. Just contact us with the details and we’ll update your website for you.

Our ‘All-In Price’

This is the total cost for your website. There are no hidden extras! Designing, building and publishing your website PLUS your website hosting and website name (domain) registration costs are all included in our ‘All-In Price’.

After the 1st year

Each year your website is with us earning you money by attracting new customers and keeping in touch with old ones, we only charge £150 (no VAT). This is for your continued website hosting, domain registration, email forwarding and SSL services.

BusinessPro – Business WordPress Websites

Website Design
Our BusinessPro website design packages are built using WordPress and give you an extremely professional platform from which to promote and grow your business online.

FROM £1,500

BusinessPro Details

Your BusinessPro WordPress website will be a unique design using your unique content. We’ve been using WordPress since 2005, so we know how to make it work best for you.

WordPress combines functionality, fexiblity and scalablity, enabling you to market and grow your business online without all the headaches traditionally associated with website coding.

Your website also will be packed with standard and advanced features, enabling you to edit, update and add sub-pages to your website at any time.

Galleries, forms and more

To help grow your business and interact with your customers, we can also add image galleries, forms, newsletters, videos, blogs and social media links. Everything is easy to use and update via your website’s Content Management System (CMS).

Essential premium plugins

We also include our own set of premium plugins. These help you with your website’s security, backups, support and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). All are vitally important in the day-to-day running of your website.

Website support

We are always on-hand to support you and your website. We provide comprehensive development and support services via our Client Support Plans so there is no need to worry about being left on your own. We’re here to help!

Updates and changes

You will be able to make updates or changes to your website whenever you like. We do not need to be involved unless you want us to be.

For any updates or changes you’d like us to help with, we offer our comprehensive Website Care Plans and TimeBlocks packages. We’ll be here to help when you need us.

OnlineShopPro – eCommerce WordPress Websites

Website Design
Our OnlineShopPro websites use the award-winning and advanced WordPress CMS, enabling you to sell your products and services online to customers all over the world.

FROM £3,000

OnlineShopPro Details

As with our BusinessPro websites, your eCommerce website will be brimming with features, saving you valuable time and enabling you to update and edit your content with ease.

The ordering system is straight forward and will save you time by automatically keeping track of orders and letting you keep your customers informed with just a few clicks.

Plenty of facilities

Adding new products, changing prices, uploading new images, keeping customers informed with the click of a button, publishing blogs, newsletter subscriptions, product galleries and slideshows can all be done with ease from within your admin area.

Website Support

Your website will be customised to your precise requirements and we’ll be here to support you every step of the way.

Updates and changes

You will be able to make any updates or changes to your website whenever you like. We do not need to be involved unless you want us to be.

For any updates or changes you’d like us to help you with, we offer our comprehensive Website Care Plans and TimeBlocks packages. We’ll be here to help when you need us.

BusinessPro & OnlineShopPro FAQs

Answers to your questions

How much does a website cost?
Professional website design is an investment in your business and costs will reflect the complexity you need to be built into the website to deliver your goals.

Here are a few items that can effect the investment you will need to make:

  • Numbers – pages, products, images and blog posts.
  • Complexity – overall detailing and user experience.
  • Functionality – eCommerce, galleries and forms.
  • Bespoke or template – unique or off-the-shelf design.
  • Customisation – custom programming.
  • Content production – image creation and copywriting.

For the above reasons, we will ask you to tell us, honestly, what the financial investment is, that you are prepared to give to your project.

If you’re honest with us and try not to think, “How can I get my website design for a bargain?”, then we will tell you what you can expect for your investment. Unrealistic expectations waste both your and our time.

How quickly can my website design be ready?
It depends on what you require from your website and if we have to launch to meet a specific deadline such as a product launch or trade show. Sometimes it’s possible to launch early with the basics in place and trickle feed extra pages, posts and products when time and budget allows.

As a basic guide though, a website design without eCommerce is usually 4 weeks depending on complexity. If it’s a new eCommerce website with very few products, then another 2 weeks may be required.

In our experience though, most time is spent waiting for content, feedback and approvals. This is why we insist that as a client, you have planned and prepared everything before we start your project.

Will you teach me how to use my website?
Yes and we will also incorporate over 30 short help videos into your website design’s admin area as part of our ‘Essential Plugins’ package.

Furthermore, personal support for the first month via email and telephone is also included. After that, we offer our ‘Website Care Plans’ which are designed to make your life easier, by freeing you up to concentrate on your business and not your website.

Do you charge by the hour?
No, we provide estimates for all website design and development projects.

This way you know what you’re spending and what you’ll get for your money.

Why You Should Hire Us
Experience, skills, processes and customer support are good places to start.

Here are a few more things you might like to know:

  • Every project we accept is treated with the same importance and we give everything to every project.
  • We have proper ‘highbrow’ qualifications (degrees etc) and many years of real life experience in design industry. We also feel very fortunate that this job is our passion.
  • If required, we can call on a team of talented experts including programmers, copywriters, SEO gurus, multi-media and social media hotshots. There aren’t many projects we can’t handle.
  • We’re serious about business. We play by the book, have professional indemnity and public liability insurance, a professional accountant, and pay for premium services to ensure clients get the best solution available.
  • Some design companies build sites for clients and then leave them to fend for themselves. We don’t do that. We teach our clients in how to use their website and maintain it if they chose.
  • We are members of the FSB and attend industry conferences, webinars and workshops. We also listen to industry podcasts which keep us up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.
  • Staff regularly enrol in industry-specific mentoring programs and invest continuously in our own work-related education.
  • The technology used throughout the web and design industry is constantly changing, so we are always learning, using and maintaining the latest kit for the benefit of our clients.
  • After 20 years in the design business, we pride ourselves on our honesty, reliability and eagerness to make clients happy. We start the journey together and we’ll be with you every step of the way.
Can we have a meeting before starting?
The first stage of our design and development process is to request a brief for the project being proposed.

Once you’ve filled out our questionnaire, we will be in touch to arrange a meeting with you locally or at our studio.

If this isn’t feasible, we have superfast broadband in the studio and can have virtual face-to-face meetings at any time.

How do you build your websites?
We build most client websites using the WordPress CMS. We do use other systems though if the project doesn’t require the power that WordPress provides.

CMS stands for Contact Management System, and although that sounds complicated, in reality, it’s not.

Basically, a CMS is designed to make managing, editing, changing and updating your website very easy.

WordPress doesn’t require you to purchase software in order to edit and update your website. Everything happens in your browser window (Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc), so as long as you have an internet connection, you can edit your website.

WordPress is a free to use CMS and powers over 27.5% of all websites on the internet! It’s constantly being updated and is easy to extend and customise. It’s also easy to add, edit and delete content from too. If you can use Microsoft Word, you’ll be able to edit a WordPress website.

What is a domain name and why do I need one?
Basically, a domain name is the name of your website.

So, if you’re called ‘Acme Widgets’, you should try and register a domain name starting with ‘acmewidgets’ and ending in a suffix relevant to your country or type of business.

A suffix is the ‘bit’ at the end of your website address. Well known suffixes like .com, .net and .org are very popular, but you should also consider or .uk if you are in the United Kingdom.

There are dozens of different suffixes available now ranging from .london to .xxx!

What is hosting and do you provide it?
Hosting is a term used to describe where your website is stored and accessible on the world wide web.

In essence, all your website’s text, images and associated files are stored on a hosting company’s server and made accessible to internet browsers around the world.

Hosting can be in any country, but it’s usually best to host in your country of residence, for easy and quick support when required. Choosing a decent web hosting company is paramount to the success of your website.

We stopped providing general hosting services in 2012 but we can recommend two companies that we use for all our hosting requirements… they’re excellent.

Our BusinessPro & OnlineShopPro Design Process

Find out what we do, to bring your website to life.

The Brief

STEP1: This first step is the most important one and it involves you giving us a solid understanding about you, your business and what your business goals are.

Proposal & Estimate

STEP2: Once we have read through your brief we’ll give you a call to check we have all the details and then send you our proposal and estimate for your project.

Sitemap & Prototype

STEP 3: Once we have all the information we need, we will create a visual sitemap to illustrate your pages. Once agreed, we will prepare a basic prototype which you can interact with in your browser.

Design & Development

STEP 4: The design and development stage is very exciting but only when we’re totally satisfied your new website’s design answers all your goals and criteria, will we send you a link to see what we’ve been up to.

Testing & Sign-Off

STEP 5: Now is the time to thoroughly check your new website and let us know if any fine-tuning is required. Once the final tweaks have been made and signed off, we will move your website to your server.

Launch Day

STEP 6: Some clients prefer a ‘soft’ launch, meaning customers and visitors discover the new site gently. Others want to tell the world straight away. We’re happy to advise you which is best. Well done, you’ve done it.


Once your site is up and running, you’ll want to keep building, adding new content and developing a rapport with your audience. We have years of experience doing this, so get in touch and we’ll show you how to make the most of your investment and shiny new website.

Website Design – Experience & Service

We’ve designed BusinessPro & OnlineShopPro websites for businesses and organisations in many sectors, including jewellery designers, accountants, B&Bs, self-catering providers, festivals, hoteliers, fashion designers and craft groups.

All our websites are fully responsive and adapt to all screens sizes from phones to desktops. You can update your website yourself, or use our expert services to save you the time.

Unique and easy to update

We specialise in WordPress websites that look unique and are easy to update. If you don’t need WordPress, check out our BusinessStarter websites.

Help & Support

We offer Website Care Plans and TimeBlocks packages to help you make the most from your website.

Websites that grow with you

We believe WordPress websites must be future-proof, which is why yours will allow you to adapt and change it as your business grows.

Sell stuff online

We build WordPress e-Commerce websites that are easy for you to manage and easy for your customers to buy from.

Websites that look great on all devices

Your new website will be responsive, which means it will look and work great on all devices from smart phones to desktop PCs.

Search Engines

Search engines reward fast, secure and responsive websites with better rankings. Your website will have software to help with this built in.

Do you have a job that needs doing?

Email us your requirements so we can help.

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