We offer big discounts in return for less stress

We Use TimeBlocks

TimeBlocks are pre-purchased blocks of studio time, designed to save us ‘invoice stress’ and reward you with a huge 30% discount off our Ad-hoc work rate.

TimeBlocks save you money, guarantee you our time and jump you to the head of the queue.

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If you have any questions, please get in touch.

TimeBlocks – Benefits For Both Of Us

Discounted Rate

In exchange for your trust and valued business, TimeBlocks offer a massive discount of 30% off our standard Ad-hoc rate.

Priority Service

When you purchase a TimeBlock, you are given top priority in our work queue. Ad-hoc work is placed after TimeBlock projects.

Peace of Mind

Knowing you have time pre-booked with us will enable you to plan in new work and deal with any emergencies if they crop up.

Maximum Value

TimeBlock projects are tracked. Tracking ensures maximum value for money and use of pre-purchased time.

NO Expiry Date

TimeBlocks have NO expiry date. This means you can lock in big discounts and pre-budget for work when it suits you or when you have the budget.

Project Flexibility

TimeBlocks can be used for most of the services we provide, including website content updates, website fixes, speed optimisation, SEO and strategic advice.

Project Tracking

All TimeBlock jobs are listed in your client area. Project information is kept in one place so you can see how much time is left and plan future work.

“TimeBlocks save you money and give you priority service.”


Contact us with your ideas and we will recommend the right TimeBlocks Package for you.


£ 280
  • 8 hours of studio time
  • No expiry date


£ 560
  • 16 hours of studio time
  • No expiry date


£ 1400
  • 40 hours of studio time
  • No expiry date
  • TimeBlocks are available for WordPress website owners only.
  • If your website wasn’t designed by us, then we will need to perform a WPHealthCheck first. Please Contact Us for details.
  • If a project requires more time than is available in the current TimeBlock, another may be purchased or our standard Ad-hoc work rate will apply.
  • TimeBlocks are invoiced in advance of any work commencing.
  • Unused time from a pre-purchased TimeBlock, cannot be reimbursed.
  • TimeBlocks can only be used for existing projects and websites.
  • TimeBlocks cannot be used to update and backup your website, you will need a Backup & Updates package for this service.

The organisation and disruption to other projects when doing Ad-hoc work, means that it commands a higher price.

If you prefer to commission projects on an Ad-hoc basis, we are more than happy to provide the service but our rates are as follows:

  • Standard Ad-hoc work rate = £50.00 per hour.
  • Emergency Ad-hoc work rate i.e. drop everything and out of office hours = £100.00 per hour.

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