Small Business Websites

Professional, modern, fast and mobile-friendly small business websites – Only £497.00 (no VAT)

Our Small Business websites are designed to help small businesses, entrepreneurs and any other person who wants a professionally designed website, get off the ground quickly and impress their customers.

Quality websites for small businesses

We build all our Small Business websites to modern standards, ensuring they’re mobile friendly, with plenty of features and an affordable price tag.

Example 1: Dog Groomer Website

Example 2: Hairdressing Website

Example 3: Floristry Website

Our small business websites are different

Professionally designed, responsive and super fast, your website will look superb on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers, giving you a modern and professional way to promote your business online.

However, compared to other website design companies, we will also look after and update your website for you. There’s no need to worry about website hosting, domain registration, learning to code or how to edit your website. We do it all for you and that’s why our small business websites are different.

Our websites work

Deciding if a website will be good for your small business can often come down to three things; cost, effort and benefit! Let’s have a look at these now.


Our small business websites cost £497.00 with no VAT, which equates to an almost inconsequential sum of £1.36 a day! When it costs less than a coffee to have a pro built website created for you, cost is no longer an excuse.

Half the price of a coffee!

2. Effort

For most small business owners and entrepreneurs, the thought of putting a website together, when there are a hundred other things to do, is the reason it never gets done. That’s why we do it all for you, including domain registration, website hosting and SSL security setup.

We will create and look after your website for you.

3. Benefit

If you don’t have a website, imagine a potential customer seeing your competitor’s van in the high street with their website address on it and then seeing your van with no website on it.

Which business do you think this customer is going to check out? Which business looks more professional, trustworthy and reliable? Who would you give your money to?

Having a website is imperative these days and we will sweep away all the problems and get you up and running straight away and without any fuss.

Having a website means your customers can find you when it suits them, 365 days a year. At home, at work or walking past your van, a website makes it easier for people to spend money with you.

The Big Question

Do you work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?

We don’t, but guess what, our website does and yours will too!

Your new SmallBusiness starter website is designed specifically to promote your services and earn you money by attracting new customers and keeping in touch with old ones, 24 hours a day, every day of the year!

See all the essential features we include below…

We include all this…

Website hosting

We include Google friendly, super fast, business class hosting for every small business website we build. We don’t believe small means it has to be cheap!

Domain name

We’ll register your domain name and manage it for you, so you don’t have to worry or risk losing it.

SSL security padlock

Google rewards SSL secured websites with better rankings. Your visitors will appreciate it too.

Email forwarding

We save you money by forwarding email from your website to your chosen email provider e.g. Gmail.

Social media links

If you use social media to promote your business e.g. Facebook, we can add links to your accounts.

Five website pages

Four essential pages (Home, About, Services, Contact) plus one of your choice – see below.

Responsive & mobile friendly

Your small business website will be built to modern standards and be both responsive and mobile friendly.

Friendly Cornish support

Your success is our success so we want you to succeed. Email anytime for website updates and support.

Google Analytics

If you want to add Google Analytics to your website, just send us the code they supply and we will implement it.

Fixed Prices

After the first year, we charge a small annual fee (£197) for your super fast hosting, domain name management, SSL padlock status and email forwarding.

How it works

  1. Let us know your desired website (domain) name.
  2. Tell us about the colours you’d like to use.
  3. Five pages or sections are included in the price.
    Home, About, Services, Contact and one of your choice.
  4. Send us your words (or we can write them for you).
  5. Send us your pictures (or we can source some for you).
  6. We design and build your website.
  7. We send you a link to your new website for checking and correct any errors for free.
  8. Once agreed, we will upload your new website to the internet for your customers to see.
  9. You can now use your website address wherever you like e.g. business cards, vehicles, social media etc

Need more website pages?

We can add more pages to your website at any time, including:



Prices start from just £70 per page. Phone us on 01579 559 699 to discuss your requirements.

Four optional add-ons


Website updates and changes

Via one of our SupportPlans, we will take care of any changes and updates for you. However, nearly 20 years of website building and hosting experience has shown us, that most small businesses do not want, or need to update their website very often. So, updating your website is very cost effective and affordable.

No need to learn coding to update your website, let us do it for you!

£17.50 per half hour.


Writing Services

If you don’t have the time or you’re unsure about the best way to write your words, we can help. Well written and grammatically accurate website text will impress your clients and customers and increase your sales, enquiries and rankings.

Of course, you know your business better than anyone, but why spend hours and hours writing about it when you could be doing something you’re better suited to?

£70 per page.


Photography search services

Using your images is our preferred way of working but if you’re not confident or don’t have the right photographic skills, or equipment, it might be better to source images elsewhere.

We will research images for you and supply a selection for you to choose from. Once chosen, you have the added reassurance that your images can be used legally on your website.

£17.50 per half hour and £7 per image used.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

This add-on will help improve your search engine rankings to increase visitors, enquiries and sales.

When we create your small business website, we will always implement the basic SEO requirements. But if you purchase our SEOBOOST add-on, you will also receive our unique, in-house search engine booster package. We want you to succeed and this booster will get your website off to the best possible start.

£70 per page.

All Small Business websites, extra pages and add-on services are charged for in advance and before starting any work. If the add-on service you require is charged for per half-hour (PICTURESEARCH & SUPPORTPLANS), there is a minimum charge of three hours with any remaining time held in credit for use whenever you like.

Would you like us to quote for something?

Maybe a WEBSITE or a LOGO perhaps.

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