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Chris Halls

Creative Director

I started my career in an advertising agency just off Oxford Circus in London. I had helped to organise our graduate exhibition in a small gallery near Leicester Square, and by pure luck my future employers popped in and asked me over for an interview. I showed them my portfolio (nothing was online in those days), went for a pint and the job was mine. Strange how things work out!

Looking back on it now I was very fortunate. I’d landed my dream job as a graphic designer in central London and was working with big names such as The Daily Telegraph, Dorothy Perkins, the AA, Boosey & Hawkes and Channel 4. I loved it and learnt a great deal about working in the real world, client management, budgets and running a team. 

After nearly five years I moved on and freelanced for a while before joining publishing house Hodder & Stoughton in Sevenoaks. I stayed at Hodders for many years designing upwards of 400 books ranging from physics to photography. It was fun.

The final move in my story so far was to go freelance again and then set up Mind’s Eye Design Ltd in 2002. MINDSEYE is still as exciting and challenging as always and I’ve had the pleasure of working with many wonderful people and businesses including English Heritage, The Guild Of Master Craftsmen, Ian Gillan, Gala Coffee, Alexis Dove Jewellery, The Windsor Workshop, MacMillan and many more. Long may it continue.


Minds Eye Design – Chris Halls

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Services we use & recommend

We use the software and services below in our own and most of our client websites. We recommend them because we use and believe in what they can do to improve the experience you provide your website’s visitors and even your rankings in search engines such as Google. For your information, the links are affiliate links, which means we earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. There is no extra cost to you and we only recommend products and services we use and have had good results with.

‘Green’ Website Hosting

Why we use it…

Kualo is a website hosting company that uses 100% renewable energy. Data centres consume huge amounts of energy so Kualo’s 100% green energy policy ensures a cleaner and greener future for us all. Using renewable energy is also good for business as customers love buying from ‘green’ suppliers.

Faster Websites

Why we use it…

WP Rocket makes your WordPress website faster. This means your website will load quicker on your visitor’s computer, smartphone or tablet. Visitors read and buy more from fast websites. Google likes fast websites too, so WP Rocket can also help improve your search engine rankings!

Website Security

Why we use it…

iThemes Security Pro is a comprehensive and easy-to-use security plugin which helps keep your WordPress website secure and the bad guys out. ‘Hacked’ websites are bad for business, bad for visitor experience and can negatively affect your Google rankings if flagged. iTSP helps you stay secure.

Project Communication

Why we use it…

ProjectHuddle helps web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and other creatives, get targeted feedback from clients on projects they are working on together. It’s easy for clients to use and an efficient way for you to manage their changes and corrections. Our clients love it and it’s more affordable for us, which is a bonus!

Simple CMS – No Database!

Why we use it…

Sitecake CMS is very easy to implement into a static HTML or PHP websites and even easier for website admins (your clients) to use. WordPress is overkill for most small businesses websites and has many hidden costs. However, when a client wants to edit their site a simple CMS is essential, and this is when we use Sitecake. Try a demo here.

Best WordPress Page Builder

Why we use it…

Elementor is the best and easiest to use WordPress page builder on the market today and we know because we’ve used almost all the others! We use it for almost all our own and our client websites. We cannot recommend it highly enough, as it gives you so much flexibility and makes creating and updating a website very quick and easy.